Quick Features

  • Limit access to select personnel only
  • Identify visitors and catch intruders, with 100% accuracy
  • Manage the comings and goings of your employees, efficiently

Protect your staff, your customers’ valuables and your money, efficiently

Banking & Finance, is one of the top three industries that face threats of physical and financial security.


You have investments, savings, and valuable personal belongings entrusted to you. Your duty is to protect this every single day. Every single moment. And if that’s not burden enough, add to it the safety of your staff.


Moreover, for high-profile banks and financial institutions, this protection has to be at every single branch that you operate from. This simply means that you need to embrace security measures that reduce and prevent potential threats. Solus helps you with security systems and solutions that ensure this.

Advanced Security Solutions for Banking & Finance

Solus has been working with banks all over India to provide them with Access Control Systems, Visitor Management Systems, Vehicle Access & Parking Management Systems, and Video Management Integration systems.