Comprehensive 3-tier maintenance that ensures good sleep to managers.

Solus ensures good sleep to managers 2 Comprehensive Maintenance3-tiered AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) contract with Gold, Silver and Bronze options.


To reduce your grief, we shall tailor a Standard Maintenance contract to cover the scope of your project.


What’s more, Solus provides you complete freedom with its 3-tiered AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract); the Gold, Silver and Bronze Contracts, each catering to different needs.


This ensures: Zero ambiguity on the scale and scope of the services. And removes fuzziness in contracts, which leads to unpleasant situations. Especially, when there is no fixed agreement regarding post-project completion services.


To avoid this, Solus defines the scale and scope of the services we provide you. Hard-coded into a pre-defined SLA with detailed standard-specific services. The upshot: there’s no room for ambiguity, misunderstandings, or lack of sleep for you.

Regular check-up of installed systems & solutions

Most solution providers are called in when you encounter a problem with the system, or solution. Inexperienced solution providers don’t anticipate such issues, or have a pre-emptive strategy in place to avoid such problems. The result: You lose sleep dealing with sub-optimal systems.


With Solus, you can expect it to be different. As per the SLA defined schedule, Solus conducts regular check-ups of installed systems and solutions. We will know if something is going to be a problem in the future through our Preventive Maintenance Checks. In the end, good sleep for you, is important to us.

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