Quick Features

  • Keep a tab on your employees
  • Be vigilant about who visits your office
  • Protect valuable resources and official secrets
  • Detect intruders and vandals

Every minute made productive, every penny saved counts

As someone who manages a large company, with distributed offices, you already know that when it comes to maintaining your business growth, every minute put into productive use, and every penny saved, counts.


Efficient work, by your staff and people, is a must for results in a modern hyper-competitive industry environment.

And a business as successful as yours, needs to have security provisions, that furthers your success, rather than come in its way. You need to:

  1. Keep a tab on your employees. Ensure that everyone takes work seriously, and that time discipline is observed. Solus’ Integrated Attendance Management system helps you do all this. It also sends immediate warning to absconders and latecomers. This enables you to keep a proper check on a crucial component of your success.
  2. Be vigilant about who visits your office.  Solus’ Visitor Management System will handle all pre-scheduled and unscheduled visits for you. It will identify all visitors accurately, keep a record for future investigation, and also plug in snugly with your Access Management System.
  3. Protect valuable resources and official scerets. Solus’ state-of-the-art Integrated Access Management System helps you control who gets in where in large distributed offices. Grief prevented you’d agree, is better than grief cured.
  4. Detect intruders and vandals. Solus’ Video Mangement Integration cameras helps protect your resources with timely information about intrusion and vandalism. The important thing here is quick action by you to prevent damage and theft.

Advanced Security Solutions for Corporate Offices

Solus provides numerous solutions for Surveillance, Visitor Management, Access Control and Attendance Management for corporate offices just like yours. Additionally, Solus’ products are up to 30% more cost-effective than international brands of the same product quality.