Quick Features

  • 24/7 surveillance with IP Video Mangement Integration cameras
  • A visitor management system to monitor everyone who is not faculty

Keep the parents of children at your school at peace because you’re secured

The number of children, especially of high-profile parents, getting abducted is rising by the day. With reported abductions, and incidents of abuse that happen when students are in school buses en route to their homes, or just when they leave school.


There is a lot of pressure from both parents and regulatory authorities, to make sure that the students are safe. Which is why modern, forward-thinking schools install advanced security systems from Solus, to prevent and catch incidents such as these in time.

  • 24/7 surveillance with IP Video Management Integration cameras so that you can access the feed in any part of the premises and keep a tab on everyone.
  • A visitor management system to monitor everyone who is not faculty, staff, student or in anyway part of the institute. A system that checks visitor IDs and intruders.
  • An Attendance management software to register the time and date of arrival and departure of students and staff. This way you can monitor any funny behavior.

Advanced Security Solutions for Education

Solus is very aware that you need the best and at an affordable price because educational institutes work strict budgets. Solus provides advanced security products that are integrated and modular. That makes it easy to grow the system as your needs grow. Do take a look at the products that are best suited to your needs.