Quick Features

  • Integrated Access Control systems that talk with your legacy systems
  • Efficient Attendance Management Solutions
  • Advanced Intrusion Detection systems

Gain control over your security, cost effectively

As part of running the government, you know that you have to deal with security challenges for oil, power, defence, research labs, railway, air and seaports.


With terrorist attacks on the rise, in the past few years, there is a major threat to government establishments and in companies managed by you.

  • You need an integrated access control system compatible with legacy systems; you need to authenticate employees, contractors, and visitors
  • You need to have an attendance management system to keep a tab on all your employees. Also since, you have thousands of employees, it needs to have a high memory capacity to store all the information
  • You need to physically restrict access using turnstiles, pedestrian barriers, boom barriers and bollards
  • In case of an intrusion, you need to be alerted immediately about it so that you can take action

Solutions for Government and Defence

Solus has provided various government agencies with the latest, most cost-efficient security solutions. Here are some products that are most suited to your needs.