Quick Features

  • Install IP based, browser accessible, surveillance equipment that can spot intruders, detect malpractice and prevent vandalism
  • Reinforce with advanced access control systems that restrict staff and visitors to specific areas

Never suffer for want of surveillance in your hospital

As a manager of a healthcare facility, your #1 priority is to keep patients and their records safe.


Cases of infant abduction from hospitals have gone up drastically in recent times. The issue is that most hospitals don’t have good enough surveillance cameras to identify and catch the culprit.


Medical files are no longer just on paper, they are uploaded online too. But is it truly protected? How easy is it to get access to it?


Can people use fake IDs and access information? Can your information withstand the brute force hacker attacks?


You need to ask and answer all these questions.

Advanced Security Solutions for Healthcare

Solus provides a range of integrated IP-based access control products, along with biometric terminals and readers and attendance management software.


Solus also provides Integrated Video Management Network cameras with a high optical and digital zoom, giving you a clear picture, and an Integrated Video Management solution that connects to all other management software and doubles as an alarm in case intruders are sighted.