Quick Features

  • Improved security
  • Integrated systems that talk with one another
  • Advanced intrusion detection software

How Hospitality & Leisure Security Solutions will help you minimize your risks?

The key in the hospitality business is to make guests feel comfortable and safe in your hotel, guesthouse or resort. Terrorist attacks in the recent past have caused a lot of grief to the hospitality industry in India. People are a lot more concerned about security measures than ever before. This means that you need to up the ante, in order to convince people to stay at your lodgings.

  • Improve the strength of your internet-facing password controls with another layer of security, e.g. A biometric access with a touch-based keypad.
  • Make sure that you use an up to date and secured remote-access solution, which is integrated with all other security systems.
  • A Video Mangement Integration software that doubles as an alarm and sends you alerts and pop-ups in case it detects an intruder.
  • A system to identify all visitors and check for impostors.

Solutions for Hospitality/Leisure

Solus has been providing solutions to this industry for 5 years now, from which we have learnt what products would best suit you needs, do take a look.