Quick Features

  • Integrated set of Access Control, Time Attendance & Canteen, Vehicle Parking Systems, Visitor Management Systems and Video Mangement Integration Systems
  • Proven over 10+ years and in 3000+ installations
  • Onsite assistance and training provided

Prepare your successful bid, and get ready for fast project roll outs

At Solus, we often work with Consultants and Architects on large commercial projects. We help with the identifying the needs and with the design and implementation of facility security. Specifically, with over 10+ years in Access Control, Visitor Management, Time Attendance & Canteen, Vehicle Parking & Video Management Integration and 3000+ clients, partnering with Solus makes so much business sense.


What’s more, our systems are integrated. That is they talk with one another. Plus, they are designed to talk with other systems such as Fire, BMS, Video Management Integration from other companies as well.


The last thing you want in your project is delays because of incompatible systems that you have put together, right? Plus, the fact that we provide onsite tech support and post installation maintenance services means that your clients will remain satisfied, long after you hand over the project to them.


Come, check out our security and surveillance systems and call us for your next project.