Quick Features

  • Platform that integrates varied security systems and gets them talking
  • Web and mobile based to manage inputs from different locations centrally
  • Alert-based so that managers can attend to events by exception

Introducing iSOLUS

Introducing iSOLUS iSOLUSThe integrated, modular security management platform that answers all your problems.


iSOLUS makes security system incompatibility a thing of the past


The best part about iSOLUS is that the different systems that plug into need not be all Solus’, if that’s what you’re thinking.


This is because iSOLUS uses Open Architecture to integrate easily with systems from other manufacturers too.


That simply means that now your Fire alarm, Video Mangement Integration , Time Attendance, Visitor Management, Vehicle Parking, Contractor Staff Management, Guard Systems, etc, will be able to get along with each other without any problems.


The upshot, the whole pesky business of incompatible security systems now becomes history.






8 big challenges for Enterprise Security

  • 1. Managing security when thousands of visitors enter and leave your business premises each day
  • 2. Handling access when facilities are distributed over a large geographic area
  • 3. Dealing with your contractor’s large workforce, when they come in to work each day
  • 4. Protection against intrusions, thefts and vandalism on distributed properties covering acres of land
  • 5. Parking of vehicles without headaches – both staff and visitors
  • 6. Attendance and productivity of large workforce. day in and out
  • 7. Serving food efficiently at your canteen, without irritating your customers, or wasting precious food
  • 8. Managing disparate security systems, that just don’t talk with one another

iSolus makes it easy to manage systems1 iSOLUSiSOLUS manages systems distributed remotely, easily
iSOLUS works on the web and on mobiles too. That simply means that users in different locations can view, receive alerts, and take timely action on, security events and threats.
iSolus grows as your business grows iSOLUSiSOLUS grows as your business grows

iSOLUS comes with base module which controls connected devices such as controllers and readers, plus user management.

iSOLUS is modular and built to scale using standard industry components on the advanced Microsoft .Net platform.
What that means is that you can add specific sub-systems to the platform – Access Control Systems, Fire alarm, Video Management Integration, Time Attendance, Visitor Management, Vehicle Parking, Contractor Staff Management, and Guard Systems without a hitch.

How it works

intro islous logo iSOLUS - integrated, modular security management