Quick Features

  • 100% integration with the existing database systems
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) & Warranty that ensure excellent post-installation services
  • Guaranteed quality products at almost 20% lower price compared to multinational companies

Keeping system conversations alive, is the toughest job for IT Admins

Your role is to operate and tune multiple operating systems, servers and other system integration related components, to ensure high levels of availability and security of the core organizational applications.


You also have to participate in the planning and implementation of system monitoring, maintenance and support of all networked software and operating systems. Wherever applicable, you also provide end-user support and troubleshooting of applications and software.


Coming from an IT background, you understand intricacies of the technology being implemented. You are also the one who needs to deal with incompatibility of the systems or post-installation maintenance, or other technological glitches with products.


You are keenly aware that products and solutions work best when it talks to one another. And are awfully expensive, when it is locked into some proprietary format.


But that’s not all. You face other problems too

  • Newly installed systems that resist integration with your existing legacy set-up
  • A need to customize the system depending upon your situation
  • Post-installation maintenance needs that keep you awake at night
  • The need for logical access, AD integration, Web Service integration, Self-service & Helpdesk

Advanced Security Solutions that help systems talk.

Solus’ security products come with a promise of full-proof customization as per your needs and that are guaranteed to satisfy cost-efficiency and organizational needs.  What’s more?

  • 100% integration with the existing DB systems.
  • An Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) and Warranty that ensure excellent post-installation services.
  • Availability of cloud solutions for more effective usage.
  • Guaranteed quality products at almost 20% lower prices compared to  multinational companies.