Quick Features

  • Access Control Systems that talk with your other systems
  • T&A Systems that keeps tabs on your staff
  • Video Surveillance Systems that make it easy to spot and act on intrusion and vandalism

Keep discipline tight and Control access

As someone in the IT industry, you are well aware of the multiple threats to your security; you constantly worry about unauthorized access to extremely important data, protection of staff, equipment, property and resources.


The best way to ward off these threats is to have:

  • A reliable, efficient, state-of-the-art access control system that integrates with other security systems. For example, your fire alarm system, your T&A system and your surveillance system should be able to talk with one another. This should provide foolproof security and prevent tailgating.
  • A Time & Attendance Management system that keeps tabs on all the employees and visitors. It should of course be customizable to your requirements.
  • A video surveillance with IP Video Management Integration cameras that can easily tap into your access control system, so that you can check work activities, intrusions, theft, accidents and more, any time you want.

Advanced Security Solutions for IT/ ITES

Solus provides a variety of Access Control, Attendance and Surveillance Systems that are proven and running in your industry.

What’s more, these systems are efficient, safe, easy to use and highly cost-effective. Plus, it’s backed by a pan-India service that covers 130+ centers. Which means that we will be available where you want us to be. Close to your problems and quick on the response.