Quick Features

  • Access Control Systems that talk with your other important systems
  • Video Surveillance Systems that make it easy to spot and act on intrusion and vandalism

Take charge of business security and run it efficiently

Security is a perpetual issue in the manufacturing industry. You have to watch your costly equipment, protect your products, keep a tab on employees, manage visitors and ward of intruders, vandals and pesky competitors. All while managing the thousand nitty gritties which go into a successful business.


To ensure security, you need a state-of-the-art access control system. This system should obviously talk with your Video Mangement Integration cameras, attendance management and visitor management systems. So that you get an integrated solution which helps you know who enters, leaves, when and more. Anywhere within your premises. At any time.


Solus provides all types of security systems and what’s more, these are equipped for emergency situations like a fire breaking out. The result is that security is off your mind and the focus on business success returns.

Advanced Security Solutions for Manufacturing Units

Solus has installed security and surveillance systems at manufacturing institutions of repute. We provide cost-effective solutions that work with your legacy systems, and which are modular to grow with your needs, without any compromise on quality. Do browse through the products for your industry.