Quick Features

  • Integrated Access Control systems that talk with your legacy systems
  • Efficient Attendance Management solutions
  • Advanced Intrusion Detection systems

Specialized security solutions for Power, Oil & Gas Industries

The Power, Oil & Gas Industry is a multi-billion dollar global industry, with the threats posed to it increasing every year. Your success is directly dependent on the way you manage and protect your facility.

How can you minimize risks and strengthen your security?

  • Reinforce physical protection at critical junctions. Deploy barriers, turnstiles or bollards, as per your requirements. Enhance physical access control (e.g. intelligent smart card-based systems). Use surveillance software that sends you alerts when intrusion is detected.
  • Employ Real-time vehicle data monitoring (vehicle movement data, vehicle tampering alerts).
  • Install an Attendance Management System for all employees, which can schedule complex shifts, send and maintain regular/irregular notifications to employees.
  • Install a Visitor management system to control visitors. Integrate this with the access control system.

Advanced Security Solutions for the Power, Oil & Gas Industry

Used by leading oil companies, Solus’ security solutions helps companies achieve greater profitability. At the same time, the systems enable a secure environment and better facilities management. We have picked the best products that fit your industry. Do browse through these.