Accurately assess your project requirements up front.

Solus Accurately manage your project 1 Project Management ServicesPrevents nasty surprises later.

When material, or quality requirements are not well anticipated, the chances are that your project will come to grinding halt.  You lose precious time. You lose revenue. You lose peace of mind.


Moreover, even the slightest mis-alignment between what you expect and what the vendor delivers, can make the process very unsavoury and frustrating.


Which is why, Solus conducts an ‘On site’ survey and supervision, along with Installation Audits/ Configuration Tests to accurately assess your project requirements: major, minor, significant and insignificant. The result: Heart burns approach zero. Time is saved.

Guaranteed Quality Service and Enhanced Project Performance

Solus guarantees quality service by means of mandatory System Acceptance & Project Sign-off requirements from customer. Furthermore, in the initial stage of the project, Solus conducts an extremely thorough GAP analysis and SLA definition process to root out any scope for impaired project performance.


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