Quick Features

  • Integrated Access Control systems that talk with your legacy systems
  • Efficient Attendance Management solutions
  • Advanced Intrusion Detection systems

Securing Rail, Sea & Airports from threats

Transport systems are attractive targets for terrorists seeking to inflict mass casualties. These are open systems, which work at predictable times, in predictable places, and which cater to a large number of people.


For terrorists, these are soft targets where they can cause economic damage, instill fear and grab local, national and even global media attention.


Transport security covers aviation, air cargo supply chain, maritime (including offshore oil and gas), and mass passenger transport systems such as road, rail and ferries.

Airports require heavy security cover and here are some suggested products

  • It needs strong access control systems that communicate with Video Management Integration cameras, 24/7, so that you can get any video feed you want, anytime, anywhere.
  • Video Management Integration cameras for surveillance of bags, security checks, inside buses that take commuters to the planes, in waiting areas, and all other strategic locations.
  • Boom barriers with customized lengths and closing time, as per needs.
  • Tripod turnstiles with Semi-automatic and Automatic drop arms.

Railways would need emergency evacuation systems

Seaports would need access control solutions

  • An access control system, that is prepared for emergencies, which plugs into your video surveillance feed. Additionally, employment of turnstiles and pedestrian barriers to restrict physical access if required.
  • A visitor and parking management system that integrates with your access control system.

Advanced Security Solutions for the Transportation Industry

Solus provides a range of integrated IP-based access control products, along with biometric terminals and readers and attendance management software. Solus also provides a range of bollards, pedestrian barriers, turnstiles and boom barriers to restrict physical access of people as well as vehicles.


Solus also provides Integrated Video Management Network cameras with a high optical and digital zoom, giving you a clear picture, and an IP Video Management Integration software that that connects to all other management software’s and doubles as an alarm in case intruders are caught.