Quick Features

  • Integrated Access Control systems that talk with your legacy systems
  • Efficient Attendance Management solutions
  • Advanced Intrusion Detection systems

Efficient security solutions used by the best

R&D Units and Labs, especially in pharmaceutical companies, face various risks.


Some of the challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry are outlined below.

  • Remote Security access control is needed for centralized management across all units. Access control must address varying access requirements.
  • An Attendance management system for all employees, which are flexible enough to schedule complex shifts. Plus, send & maintain regular/irregular notifications to employees.
  • Visitor management system that can maintain control over and manage visitors. This must integrate with the access control system.
  • Management of facilities like Canteen and Vehicle Parking.

Solutions for R & D Centers and Labs

Having served leading pharmaceutical companies in the past, Solus has cherry picked security products and solutions, based on our experience, which are most suitable for the pharmaceutical industry. Do browse through them.

Solus helps you comply with US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 regulations.

Visit www.21cfrpart11.com,your compliance resource.