Quick Features

  • Optimum security provided based on requirements
  • Improved interaction between staff & residents causing better services

Monitor, record and manage threats, efficiently

In large residential societies, you have the same problems of security that are present in large companies. You have to deal with these threats, too.

  • For example, you will have to manage the staff that manages the society.
  • You may want to prevent access to certain locations for visitors. You may want to keep a tight record of who comes into the society, when and goes where.
  • You may want to keep outside vehicles at bay, and allow parking for only residents.
  • You may want to keep a close check on contract labour engaged in repairs.
  • You may want to monitor the maids and household helps who come in an out of your building all day.

Solus understands your problems of managing a society efficiently. Which is why, we have a suite of solutions specially designed to combat threats in housing and office societies.

Advanced Solutions from Solus for Housing Societies

  • Accurate attendance recording for the staff, and visitors
  • Guard Tour feature provided to control and regulate the schedules of guards
  • Contract Work Management module takes care of the 3rd party employees