Quick Features

  • Saves substantial man-hour resources
  • Reduce costs 
  • Increases your net efficiency
  • Expands when your business does

Save substantial costs on Smart Cards alone

iSOLUS increases your net efficiency

SACS iSolus Access Control Software1 SACS   iSOLUS Access Control Solutions At Solus, we know that slow and thick clients considerably diminish your overall efficiency of receiving timely information.


The reason, sluggish operating system overloads interferes and causes delays in outputting timely information.


iSOLUS uses a web-browser based thin client to speed up information relay. The result: Faster information leads to faster decisions. Thus saving you money. And improves your net efficiency, substantially.


As someone who’s in charge of Enterprise Access Control, you’d have observed that Smart Cards are great way to implement Access Control. Smart Card Design and Inventory Management however, present an unwelcome headache.


You know that when there are too many Smart Cards floating around, you need to keep some aspirins handy. The nice part is that you don’t have to put up with this problem any longer. Our research with customers show that with iSOLUS’ hassle-free Card Management System, they save up to 40% of their man-hour resources, especially when they want to keep track of a large numbers of Smart Cards. We also found that, they save a further 5% reduction in costs using our in-built Card Design Management.

99% of our clients enjoy a further BONUS 10% savings. Just add Fire.

Say, your company manages Video Management Integration and access control services, on a single, integrated platform. Great. But what happens when there’s a fire? You will have to perform emergency evacuation of people. This is when an Integrated Fire Drill Management System comes to your rescue.


iSOLUS’ Integrated Fire Drill Management System snaps right on to your Access Control and Video Management Integration solutions and gives you the ease of a single, centralized system for access, security and evacuation.


The Integrated Fire Drill Management System offers you a further bonus 10% cost savings. What’s more the software plugs neatly into your Integrated Video Management Solution.

But wait, there is unlimited expansion capacity built–in.

Most Access Control solutions have a limited data storage capacity and require specific upgrades over time. iSOLUS guarantees virtually unlimited expansion, both in capacity and scope. That simply means iSOLUS will grow as your needs grow.


Dynamic and/or customized reports JUST the way YOU like it.
What’s more, most Access Control Software doesn’t fulfill the need for dynamic and/or customized reports, as per your requirements. iSOLUS does. It has full reporting capabilities and can generate custom reports exactly as you want it to.


All the controls, in one place
iSOLUS also has Remote and Central configurations that give you control regardless of whether you are on site, or off it.


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