Quick Features

  • Instant alerts of violations so that you can act quickly
  • Smart Attendance Management of staff plus Visitor Management to help advanced monitoring
  • Easily plugs into your current systems

When it comes to security, prevention is better than cure.Good security is a bitter necessity for most companies and organizations; schools, universities, manufacturing plants, banks, corporate offices, hospitals, you name it.


When a serious incident occurs, the first question that will be asked is whether you have done enough to prevent it. And what if you realize you haven’t? What if you realize that one extra layer of security could have prevented that data leak, or saved your costly equipment, or prevented that robbery, or saved an employee, or a student?


Security heads all over the world have become conscious of the kind of responsibility they have taken on. With this realization, they do all that they can, to ensure that they don’t have to face such problems in the future.

Advanced Solutions for smart security in your facilities. And its people.

Solutions from Solus help you keep an eye on everything that is going on in your premises, even if it is remotely off key.

  • You will be alerted instantly about any transgressions, via the Video Management Integration software; why, you can even look at the event’s video for clues.
  • Additionally, because the Video Management Integration plugs in neatly with other systems such as Biometric Attendance Systems, Visitor Management System, Fire Systems, etc, you are ensured round-the-clock surveillance.
  • The Visitor Management System that checks visitor IDs and intruders, will monitor everyone who is not part of your organization.
  • The Attendance Management software will register the time and date of arrival and departure of students/employees. This way you can monitor any funny behavior.