Quick Features

  • Get optimized security as per your requirements through Solus’ intelligent and remote access control solutions
  • Record staff attendance accurately and reduce absenteeism by 10%-15% with Solus’ Attendance Management Software

Install Solus’ Advanced Access Control & Security Solutions in your office and store and save on stress therapy.

Managing your staff can be a huge bother

You have the regulars, part-timers and weekenders; different days, different timings. And if those aren’t variables enough, to make it worse, some of your staff are either late or absent. Simply put, it means two headache tablets for you everyday, and a LOT of stress.

Manage the security at your office, and store

Today, more than ever, there are greater threats to both people and property. Although this is not something you should become alarmed by, it is an issue that you need to be alert to.


Owners of all types of businesses, including shops and retail outlets, are not immune from this threat. In fact, these types of businesses are often primary targets, and consequently small business owners need to protect themselves accordingly.


Threats to business and personal security can come in all forms and may include anything from fraud, and burglary to fire, vandalism, terrorist threats, violence or abuse against staff.

Advanced Security Solutions for Retail

While a comprehensive Shop & Retail Insurance policy will help, proactive strategies should be put in place to minimize threats to security. Solus provides surveillance and access control solutions for this very purpose. Moreover, due to its centralized integration and perpetual monitoring of database, you will be able to run highly efficient day-to-day operations.