Quick Features

  • Integrated set of Access Control, Time Attendance & Canteen, Vehicle Parking Systems, Visitor Management Systems and Video Mangement Integration Systems
  • Proven over 10+ years and in 3000+ installations
  • Onsite assistance and training provided

Partner with a proven security and surveillance expert for your next project

As an expert who both plans and executes large commercial projects, one of your concerns would be security and surveillance of the facilities that you are building for your client. Specifically, systems such as access control, visitor management, vehicle parking and Video Management Integration, for your projects.


3 concerns that you may face when dealing with multiple partners and systems

  1. You’d prefer an integrated set of systems which seamlessly work with one another. Systems which are capable of quickly integrating with other Systems like Fire, BMS Video Management Integration which you may have chosen from different suppliers. Surely you don’t wish to be bogged down with incompatible systems that hold up your project, do you?
  2. You’d like a partner who can provide onsite assistance as well as the required training and post installation maintenance of systems. These are critical needs that you have already understood from your past experience.
  3. And, of course, you’d like to team up with professionals who have a proven pedigree in such systems. Untested systems can come back to haunt you.

When you manage large projects, there are enough things to worry about, and you’re looking for a trusted partner that can take some of this load off you. Your project needs a smooth roll-out, right?

Call Solus for your Project’s Facilities Security & Surveillance Needs

Since 2003, Solus have been designing and implementing the newest and most innovative technologies for Access Control, Visitor Management, Time Attendance & Canteen, Vehicle Parking and Video Mangement Integration Systems. With over 3000+ clients, 10+ years of commitment, proven systems and the industry’s best after-sales service, you don’t need to look further.


Enough reasons, you’d agree, for leading System Integrators to choose Solus as the Preferred Partner for their Security & Surveillance System needs.


Come, check out our security and surveillance systems and call us for your next project.