Quick Features

  • Integrated Access Control systems that talk with one another
  • Advanced Visitor Management Systems
  • Efficient Attendance Management solutions

Efficient service delivery calls for efficient systems

As a manager who works in the Telecom industry, you know that your company deals with millions of customers and thousands of employees. When you deal with those kinds of numbers, management of resources and staff needs to be perfect. And the services provided, fast and efficient.


Solus understands your concerns:

  • Multiple vendors are used for the management of data centers and MSCs.
  • There is usually no accurate record maintenance of visits by employees/vendors and visitors.
  • Thick clients are used for finger enrollment make work slow and inefficient.
  • Biometric access is not present at all your locations. Also, multiple cards are required for accessing multiple facilities.
  • The access control and attendance management systems are obsolete, and when you migrate from the old software to a new one, you face a lot of compatibility issues.

Solutions for Telecommunications

Solus provides Single Combination cards for pan-India access and a hassle-free server software migration. Solus also provides workflow based customized Access Control and Visitor Management software. Here are a few products, Solus feels are apt for your requirements. Do browse through them.