Advanced Access Control Systems for Co-Works offices

Jul 20, 2018 | 866 Views

Access Control Systems have become ubiquitous nowadays. They have become an indispensable part of the everyday life. Whether your organization is a large conglomerate or just a start-up, whether you do business overseas or across small cities, whether you provide services digitally or even own a pet-shop, Access Control Systems give you the edge with security, attendance, automation, vehicles access and much more. No matter how unique your enterprise is, Advanced Access Control Systems simplify your work process, boost your efficiency, saving you your valuable time. Let us look at how Advanced Access Control Systems helped Camelot Co-Works and Kafnu Co-Works.

Camelot Co-Works provides Co-working spaces and the best possible amenities for its customers to help them grow their business. Camelot's clients book work offices on a monthly basis, which means clients get access to the diverse amenities at Camelot Co-Works for a mutually agreed period. However, the amenities provided vary based upon the multiple plans available to the clients. Many conference rooms, personal cabins, visiting rooms, spacious design, high-end office technology, high-speed connectivity and software integration is available for Camelot customers. After understanding Camelot's unique needs, Access Control Systems are installed throughout their facility, streamlining their daily customer inflow and providing a high-level of security to their vicinity. Camelot Co-Works has automated their tenant’s usage and billing systems, that has improved Camelot's efficiency and response-times.

Camelot uses the iSOLUS – Framework for the SOLUS platform and the iSOLUS - Access Control Add On Access Groups, Time Zones, Door Security Management and the iSOLUS - Third Party Application Integration for Camelot Co-Works, it is efficiently organizing and managing its locations, doors, and tenant employees.

Kafnu is a real-life social network that brings together entrepreneurial minds to accelerate personal and professional growth by integrating the best aspects of living, working, playing, learning and resting. Kafnu enables its customers to engage with like-minded individuals and provides a co-working space for them to interact and collaborate to build profound and powerful business prepositions. Kafnu did not have an accurate record for its ever-growing community of brilliant individuals. Solus Security Systems improved the access systems at Kafnu’s facilities to function in a safer and secure manner.

Kafnu uses iClass BLE readers, the iSOLUS Framework for Solus platform, a master controller along with software and web user login for Kafnu Co Works and it could operate its 3+ locations, 70+ doors, and 300+ tenant employees in an adept manner.

Solus Security Systems is available in all the major cities across India. Along with Access control Systems, Solus also provides Attendance Management, Visitor Management, Video Surveillance, Vehicle Access, Parking Management and Canteen Management systems for its clients. Solus Security Systems, is well versed with the needs of the co-work offices and provides the required technical support, on-site maintenance, and aids in the implementation of all the installed systems.


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