Do you drive up the wall for accurate and up-to-date information on your employees, contract workmen, visitors and guards?

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When you are in the Logistics and Shipping business, timely delivery and safe transport of your inventory are your biggest concerns. And things can get tough when the inventory can range from fragile vases to luxury cars and from soft toys to heavy machinery. The shipping business bears the burden of solving the shipping conundrums for organizations across all industries. And to solve these problems, it needs the smartest solutions in resource planning, shipment tracking, supply chain management, efficient handling and precise organization and execution skills.

Research indicates that investing in security solutions can boost efficiency and has numerous benefits such as real-time tracking, protection against virtual and external threats, inventory management, attendance and visitor management and much more.

Increase in your efficiency:
Increase in access to supply chain data
Increase in timelines of shipping information
Reduction in excess inventory
Increase in reported on-time delivery
Increase in new customers
Reduction in customer attrition

External Threats:
When you own a huge organization knowing who enters your company, when do they enter, where do they enter from, what areas do they access, how long are they in, and when do they leave the premises is very important. Visitors who enter the facility can pose a potential threat to the organization. Hence, extra caution has to be taken while letting them in. The temporary key card facility provided by Access Control Systems is perfect for visitors, which keeps a track of all the areas that a visitor enters and provides the required security clearance for the visitors.

Internal Threats:
While external threats can be mitigated with the help of temporary key cards, what about internal threats? When your organization has thousands of employees, workers and guards roaming in the facility each person poses a potential threat. Knowing who is doing what becomes a mandate in such a scenario. But, tracking each person can become a tedious task when the numbers are so high. Access Control Systems can make this task simple for you. Access Control Systems have the ability to track each individual's whereabouts and keep a log of all the data in an organized manner. This data can later be utilized to backtrack a person in case of a break-in and improve your management efficiency.

Access Control Systems provide hierarchical access, which restricts employees from accessing areas outside their work zones. Also, these access restrictions are time-based, which means an employee cannot access his work area beyond his permitted work hours. Access Control Systems log how many hours did a person work for and process their billing cycles as well. With Access Control Systems in place, you will know which employee is slacking, whether your guards are patrolling efficiently, who may have tampered with the shipment and much more. Access Control Systems mitigate security threats and boost your effectiveness.

Security Solutions can also help you track your shipments on a real-time basis. Any tampering with the shipment on the road will sound an alarm, informing the security officers in charge and immediate action will be taken to negate the threat. Your clients can track their shipments in real-time, which give them the satisfaction that their cargo is in safe hands and gets you more business. Solus Security Solutions understands the unique needs of your business and can recommend the best solution for your problems.


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