Implementing RFID, biometric, card-based systems for employees, contractors, visitors, attendance, vehicles, parking, canteen and guard tours

Aug 28, 2018 | 1252 Views

Security has become an important facet of each person’s life. And it is more crucial when you run a business where thousands of people work for you. A break-in or theft can cause huge losses to your company and bring down years of progress. So, it's important that your security measures are up to mark and have a fighting chance against the ever evolving threats of the 21st Century.

Different organizations have different requirements. A solution best suited for one may not necessarily be the best for another. So, whether you should choose RFID, biometric or card-based systems at your premises depends on a number of variables. One needs to carefully analyze the facility, know the value of the product or service, study the past threats, and observe other overlapping attributes before concluding which solution is the most efficient one for a particular company. Solus Security Systems understands this and provides the best solution available for its clients based on their needs and expectations.

Threats are a menace whether they are internal or external. Security systems that are efficient at mitigating external threats might not be the best for internal threats. For example, visitor key cards are a perfect solution to keep external threats at bay as visitor key cards have limited access, are under constant surveillance, are reusable, and cost-efficient. Conversely, key cards are not efficient for internal usage, as employees need to carry the key cards at all times, theft of a card can lead to misuse, and key cards with higher security clearance if misplaced can cause real damage to the company. In such a scenario, biometric scanners are a better solution as they save time, do not need to be carried around, a biometric identity cannot be stolen, and higher security clearance will always be present with the person intended.

Access Control Systems come with additional utilities that make tedious and meticulous tasks a piece of cake. The attendance records and work hours of employees and contract staff can be logged effortlessly with the help of Access Control Systems. This feature automatically calculates the billing cycle for each employee / contract staff and saves a lot of man hours for the company. Access Control Systems can be integrated with the canteen, thereby bringing more features to the table. Based on the attendance and canteen access, the right amount of meals can be prepared and a wastage of the food can be minimised. All these features make the employees’ life much more comfortable, enabling him to be more focused at his job and in turn boosting the company’s performance and profits. We, at Solus wish to help you, not just by fortifying your security measures but also by enabling you with the means to boost your performance with additional utilities.

Access Control Systems easily integrate with video surveillance systems and add another level of security to your facility. Video surveillance is a great way to backtrack the culprits in the case of a break-in, to keep an eye on employees for internal threats, and making sure that guards are patrolling as per the guard tour scheduled every hour. Vehicle Access and Parking Systems also flawlessly manage your parking space conundrums. Solus Security Systems is here to safeguard your business and help you grow to unimaginable heights.