Meeting Room Booking Solution

Feb 21, 2019 | 19154 Views

If your company has multiple departments and various teams in each of those departments, you must have faced problems while booking a room. How do you book a meeting room at a particular time without any hassle and let everyone know about it? The solution is simple and has a wide array of utilities, an Access Control System. All you have to do is install an Access Control System that is linked with a Room Booking software and say good-bye to all your meeting room booking issues. 

An Access Control System not only protects your office from intruders, but can be linked to a Booking Room System which helps you book rooms, cancel them if not needed, check what time-slots are available, and which rooms have already been booked. The booking system has an in-built calendar, an email linking facility, plus it has a desktop and phone compatibility, which makes it extremely convenient and time saver. The Booking Room System can help you make reports, help you understand what are the peak hours, which rooms are not being used at all, and how many people attended the meeting. The Booking Room software is also available on Android and iOS, and a web-based client so you don’t even have to download the app.

There are numerous scenarios where having a Meeting Room Booking Solution can improve your company’s efficiency. Here are a few scenarios:

1. Two teams book the same room at the same time.
A team books a room, but it turns out that two teams have booked the same room in the same time slot by accident, and you’re stuck in a pickle. An Access Control System will make sure such an instance never occurs. Once a room is booked, it will instantly update that that room and that time slot is off-limits. This makes sure two teams never end up booking the same room in the same time-slot.

2. Room Cancellations
Let’s say one team wants to book a said slot on a particular day, however, that slot is already occupied. Now your team has no choice but to book another slot. But, an Access Control System can make a reservation for you in case the first party forfeits that time-slot, and automatically notifies you that the first party has cancelled the booking and the room is now available for you.

3. Size of the Room
The size of the room can be an issue. Let’s say you’ve seen a room a while ago, and think 50 people can fit in it comfortably, however, what if your judgment was incorrect? An Access Control System will tell you exactly how many people can a particular room allot, and that anything beyond is not advisable.

There are dozens of such scenarios where having an Access Control System can benefit you. SOLUS Security Systems has installed hundreds of Access Control Systems and has helped solve the Meeting Room Booking conundrums. So, if you’re facing a similar problem in your office, email to and give a call to +918043336666 and we’ll make sure all your questions are answered and help you solve all your problems.