Security implies surety for worry-free education

There is a lot of pressure from both parents and educational regulatory authorities to make sure students are safe within their premises from internal and external factors. iSOLUS’ solutions offer peace of mind to parents and their children while enabling the following solutions:

  • A round-the-clock IP video management integration, cameras that allow you to watch over any part of the premise and keep a tab on everyone.
  • A visitor management system to monitor people who are part of the institute. Our system thoroughly checks visitor IDs that can instantly detect intruders.
  • Attendance management software to register students and staff activity. This way you can monitor any suspicious behavior.

Watch the video below to see how iSolus can be part of your curriculum:

Quick Features
  • 24/7 surveillance with IP video management integration cameras
  • A visitor management system to monitor everyone who is not faculty
  • Attendance management software to control student and staff activity 
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