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Technology is central to your company and your security technology should be top-notch as well. As an IT/ITES company, you handle confidential data for your clients that hackers would love to get their hands on. The importance of protecting data, your staff, equipment, property and resources cannot be overrated. iSOLUS’ systems are efficient, safe, easy to use and are highly cost-effective. iSOLUS is backed by a pan-India service that covers over 130 centers.

iSOLUS Controls dire risks by:

  • Grant access only as needed: A reliable, efficient, state-of-the-art access control system that integrates with your current system and provides fool-proof security. Your fire alarm, attendance and surveillance system can now be compatible with one another.
  • Keep track of employees and visitors at all times: A time and attendance management system that keeps a tab on employees and visitors.
  • Monitor intrusions or anomalies: A video surveillance with IP video management integration cameras that can easily tap into your access control system, monitoring intrusions, theft, accidents and more.
  • Automate and streamline: With efficient systems and effective controls you can automate a range of tasks freeing up precious manhours.
  • Automatic alerts: Intrusions, fire or any other emergencies- get updated on a real-time basis which helps quick and timely action. After all, the early few minutes are the most precious.

Quick Features
  • Optimum security provided based on customized requirements
  • Video surveillance systems that make it simple to control intruders 
  • Time and attendance systems that keep tab on your staff
  • Compatible access control systems 
  • Have protocols and alerts in place to deal with emergencies and take timely action without losing precious time 
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