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How do you do that? You have to build a strong security foundation so that clients and employees can rely on you. If your business is not guarded – grave mistakes tend to lead to major downfalls, especially when you’re dealing with heavy-duty equipment. SOLUS understands that security is a perpetual issue in the manufacturing industry – hence, SOLUS help you to:

  • Be vigilant about your costly equipment.
  • Protect your products as business’ are dependent on your products.
  • Keep a tab on employees, their attendance, shifts, etc.
  • Manage visitors and ward off intruders, vandals and pesky competitors.
  • Guard sensitive information about your company.

iSOLUS provides all types of security systems that are equipped for emergencies like a fire break. iSOLUS provides:

  • A reliable, efficient, state-of-the-art access control system that integrates with other systems and provides fool-proof security. Your fire alarm, attendance and surveillance system can now be compatible with one another.
  • A time and attendance management system that keeps a tab on employees and visitors. Video surveillance with IP video management integration cameras that can easily tap into your access control system, controlling intrusions, theft, accidents and more.

Quick Features
  • Video surveillance systems that make it simple to control intruders
  • Time and attendance systems that keep tab on your staff without much human intervention
  • State-of-the art access control system provides fool-proof security
  • Have protocols and alerts in place to deal with emergencies and take timely action without losing precious time
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