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Bank on technology as your biggest asset

The banking and finance industry is one of the most vulnerable to physical and financial breach. There are investments, savings, and valuable personal belongings entrusted to you and there’s no excuse for loop holes. You need to embrace security measures that reduce and prevent potential threats. iSolus works with banks all over India to provide them with:

  • Access control systems that control people from accessing sensitive areas of the bank. iSolus helps you design, implement, deploy and sustain a unified and integrated access management system.  It helps reduce the costs of supporting multiple systems and identities across the organization. 
  • Visitor management systems that track and identify genuine clients. More importantly, advanced smart card/biometric technologies are designed to automatically protect your network from physical attack without requiring significant manual management from your internal IT staff.
  • Video management integration systems that keep a constant watch over your institution. With the digital video surveillance, you can gain a more cost-effective, scalable and integrated way to capture, store, retrieve and manage digital video content.

Quick Features
  • Limit access to select personnel only
  • 100% accurate in identifying intruders 
  • Manage employee entry and exits efficiently
  • Have protocols and alerts in place to deal with emergencies and take timely action without losing precious time 
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