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Security, parking and staff management are a few of the main factors that people look into when choosing a residential society. iSOLUS understands that managing and combating threats in housing and office societies can be stressful.

iSOLUS provides the building blocks to:

  • Manage staff that takes care of the society.
  • Prevent access to certain locations for visitors.
  • Helps you to keep a record of who comes in and out of society.
  • Manages society parking by allotting slots for residents only.
  • Monitors household helpers who come in and out of society every day.

  • Watch the video below to understand how iSolus’ solutions can make your residential society a happier place after all:

Quick Features
  • Optimum security provided based on customized requirements
  • Improved interaction between staff and residents
  • Parking management across large areas
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