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Millions of passengers, employees and cargo travel through massive transportation facilities every day. Keeping people secured while finding the right balance between public and restricted areas is a daunting task. That’s where we step in. iSOLUS’ effective response tools help operators quickly address incidents before they escalate into costly evacuations.

Airports - Take off with:

  • Strong access control systems that communicate with video management integration cameras around the clock.
  • Video management integration cameras for baggage surveillance and security checks that are connected to planes, waiting areas and all other strategic locations.
  • Boom barriers with customized lengths and closing time.
  • Tripod turnstiles with semi-automatic (for emergencies) and automatic drop arms.

Trains - You’re on track with:
  • Video surveillance around the train and its stations for comprehensive and accurate analytics.
  • Access control systems that are prepared for emergency evacuations.

Seaports - Dive in with:
  • An access control system that is prepared for emergencies and is plugged into your video surveillance feed.
  • Turnstiles and pedestrian barriers to restrict physical access.
  • A visitor and parking management system that integrates with your access control arrangement.

Quick Features
  • Optimum security provided based on customized requirements
  • Video surveillance systems that make it simple to control intruders 
  • Have protocols and alerts in place to deal with emergencies and take timely action without losing precious time.
  • Time and attendance systems that keep tab on your staff
  • Compatible access control systems 
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