HR Managers

How to sustain resourceful employees?

By keeping them secured and reducing their hassles.  It can be an overwhelming task to continuously watch over employees and make sure they’re content. When employees aren’t happy and secured, productivity suffers, costs increase, attrition goes up, and all of this partially reflects on you. iSolus’ solutions are catered to HR leaders like you who put an effort into making it a better place for everyone.

What we source for you:

  • iSolus attendance management Software will regularize attendance and reduce absenteeism by 15-20%.
  • The salary calculation can easily be synced with the number of hours worked. This is calculated through our visitor and attendance management solution. It reduces payroll costs by up to 10%.
  • Additionally, the contract work management module manages temporary employees. It automatically builds a database for the type of employees currently working.

Quick Features
  • Advanced T&A systems that ease your burden.
  • Regularize attendance and reduce absenteeism by up to 15-20%.
  • Tie in salary with hours worked to reduce payroll costs by up to 10%.
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