Oil & Gas

It’s time to strike oil

Oil and gas industries face significant threats that result in sabotage and interruption of utilities. With the oil and gas sector fueling every aspect of our lifestyle, protecting this critical infrastructure is paramount. Attacks on the operations and systems that power our day-to-day life can have long-term consequences locally and internationally.

iSOLUS helps you fuel:

  • Intruder detection:
    Malfunction in the oil and gas industry can lead to lethal consequences. SOLUS’ video management integration solution module helps you gain complete control over every nook and corner of your organization. It also instantly alerts you in case of any intrusion or vandalism.
  • Visitors activity:
    The oil and gas industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that needs to be confined within its employees. SOLUS’ visitor management system handles pre-scheduled and unscheduled visits for you. It identifies visitors accurately, maintains a database for future investigation and also plugs in with your access management system easily.
  • Organization’s confidentiality:
    SOLUS’ state-of-the-art integrated access management system helps you control who enters the private and confidential areas in your company. This avoids theft and leaks of sensitive corporate information.

Quick Features
  • Canteen and vehicle parking management
  • Advanced intrusion detection system
  • Integrated access control systems that are compatible with your current facilities
  • Turnstiles, boom barriers that restrict access
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