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Protecting stock against theft and damage is a continuous task that businesses face time and again. Threats to businesses and personal security can arise in all forms – theft, fraud, burglary, fire, vandalism or abuse against staff.iSolus’ security solutions protect your hard-earned profits by decreasing inventory loss, improving safety of your stores/employees – thus gradually ensuring delivery of returns on investment.

No bargains over:

Allowing you to watch the live footage at your store without being physically present through a video management solution.

Quick Features
  • Get optimized security through iSolus’ intelligent and remote access control solutions
  • Record staff attendance accurately and reduce absenteeism by 10%-15% with iSolus’ attendance management software
  • Manage shifts and multiple locations using a single interface that ensures you get a complete picture
  • Have protocols and alerts in place to deal with emergencies and take timely action without losing precious time 
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