Buyer’s tips for today’s Access Control Systems

Oct 04, 2018 | 19088 Views

Security has become mandatory in the 21st Century. With the number of real-world threats skyrocketing, employees and customers expect a top-notch security system from their company. The credibility of a company increases when their security measures are efficient and effective. While Access Control Systems are the most popular form of security, a large number of people still hesitate to invest in it. Why do they hesitate?
Business owners are riddled with several questions, such as how cost-effective is it, how user- friendly is it, is there a need right now, and wake up only after the dawn of a security breach. Rather than waiting for a security breach, get in touch with SOLUS Security Systems. We would be more than happy to counsel you and suggest the best possible solution to address your organization’s security concerns.
Here are some of the pointers that may help you decide whether your organization needs an Access Control System or your current Security System is sufficient:
1. Access Control Systems not only limit access to your facility but also safeguard your Computer grid by enabling Network Access Restriction Programs to limit, manage and maintain secure access to your computers and servers. With the number of identity thefts and digital breaches soaring high, having an Access Control System that protects your network is extremely important for any organization.
2. There is always a possibility that your company will expand, you are constantly working towards achieving that goal. Once that happens, you’ll need an Access Control System that is easily scalable, so that your Security System not only accommodates your current number of employees but the new ones as well. If you are thinking of investing in an Access Control System, make sure you inquire about scalability before finalizing the deal.
3. Different organizations have different security needs. If your company’s main concern is external threats you can opt for a system with one entry point, such a system is inexpensive and effectively mitigates external threats from entering your vicinity. On the other hand, if your concerns are internal threats and restrictions you will need a system that provides multi-tier restrictions based on biometric characteristics of individuals. In such a system, only a handful of individuals will be granted secure level access, while the rest will be restricted from entering those areas. Make sure you know what your company needs before investing in an Access Control System, if you are not sure, you can always approach SOLUS Security Systems and take their advice, they’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction.
4. Investing in a Security System is never as costly as recovering from a Security Breach. Theft at your organization not only plummets years of progress but also damages your credibility. Customers lose confidence in the company and may take their business elsewhere. Employees expect to work in a safe and secure environment, and if they don’t feel so, they might provide their services to your competitors and you may lose some of your best workers forever. The number of benefits you receive from an Access Control System will always outweigh the cost they incur. SOLUS Security Systems hopes you make the best decision while addressing your company’s security concerns.

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