Emergency Response Team, Firefighters and First-Aider’s shift-wise headcount

Jan 31, 2019 | 22654 Views

What is an Emergency Response Team?

An Emergency Response Team or Incident Response Team is a crew or a group of people trained to respond to emergencies such as an industrial accident, an explosion, and other disasters. These people are trained, tested, certified and equipped with the standard operating process to handle an emergency. They are physically and mentally ready to act and react appropriately and quickly to ensure people and resource safety.

Having an Emergency Response Team (ERT) in place is a smart move considering the calamities and the hazards that can occur at any moment without any forewarning. It is statutorily needed as well as the right practice to be prepared for a crisis rather than panic at the last moment. Access Control Systems are very helpful in managing your resources; keeping you ready for any emergency and making sure your resources are utilized in the right way. Solus solutions are designed to detect incidents and sound off an alarm.

Training your employees on how to react in case of an emergency and electing emergency wardens can really strengthen the safety of your employees and save lives. An Emergency Response Team should contain at least one Emergency Warden and one First-Aider for every 20 employees. The Wardens need to be thorough with the layout of the whole facility and all the escape routes. They also need to be available throughout the working hours. If your company has multiple shifts, at least one Warden and one First-aider need to be available in each shift for every 20 employees.

Managing the headcount for the Warden and First-aider in each team and each facility can be quite a task. That’s where an Access Control Systems and Attendance System come into place. Access Control and Attendance Systems keep a headcount of the number of employees present every day and depending on the roles assigned to the individual, make sure that each team and facility has adequate Wardens and First-aiders present at all times. Biometric Access Control and Attendance Systems are the solutions for companies that have a likelihood of hazards and need to maintain a great deal of confidentiality.

Solus Security Systems are designed keeping in mind the hazards and calamities and can be customized to meet any special requirements that any company has. Solus Security Systems not just enables one with advanced Access Control Systems, but also provide advanced incident detection and reporting solutions for a proactive response in a case of an emergency.

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