Access Control - getting you up to speed
Access control is any system that can be used to regulate who or what can use the resources within an organization. Without access control, organizations face slow and crowded entry and exit points and considerably weaken the overall efficiency in receiving up-to-date information. iSOLUS’ multi-technology solutions enable a gradual transition to new standards – reducing the impact on the on-going work. This speeds up the overall organizational output, thereby creating a win-win situation for your customers and employees.

Without Access Control 

Sluggish operating system – Interface overload – delay in output – precarious working environment – time consuming– no linear comprehension of work activity.

With Access Control 

Provides a safe working atmosphere – Assists in auditing of time and attendance – access to multiple facilities through one interface –saves time and money – speeds up mundane processes

Quick Features
  • Saves substantial man-hour resources
  • Reduce costs 
  • Increases your net efficiency
  • Expands when your business does
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