What’s Telecom Without Optimum Technology?

Sep 07, 2018 | 923 Views

As a telecom major, technology plays a pivotal role in the success of your business. Managing thousands of employees, contractors and visitors across multiple geographies while ensuring minimum lag require a competent, speedy system. iSolus provides single combination cards for pan-India access and a hassle-free server software migration. We also provide workflow based customized software such as access control, visitor management, video integration and more. It’s no wonder that iSolus has been adopted by most leading telecoms in India.

Watch the below video to know how our solutions can ease your day-to-day operations:

From iSolus to telecoms:
  • Access control systems protect your employees, property, equipment and valuable data from illicit individuals. Our integrated solutions provide a deeper level of security surrounding the backbone of your network.
  • Video integrated solution can reduce false alarms by accurately differentiating legitimate threats from mundane activity. When suspicious activity is detected, it is tracked with instant notifications, immediately alerting staff for a fast, video-verified response.
  • Visitor management system can maintain and control a large influx of visitors. It integrates with our access control system which also creates a database. We know that telecom organizations extensively.
iSolus Features:
  • Advanced visitor management systems
  • Compatible access control solution
  • Efficient attendance management system
  • Multiple video management services 
Please do learn more about this by watching the video through the following link:


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