Command & Control Alarms Manager

Oct 08, 2018 | 3950 Views

Is your organisation secured for physical access alarms, alerts and intrusions that are monitored by a game changing, fully integrated, robust command and control system? Would you not like to learn from the leading corporates in India who have implemented a central command and control system for their physical access security monitoring?
A command and control system (alarms manager) is an alerts monitoring solution that generates notifications with the right information for you to respond on any critical transaction, event and condition detected by the connected control devices in your organisation's network.

You and your organisation would benefit dramatically from:
  • A real time monitoring of alarms for transactions like access granted, access denied, new / unknown card, expired card, wrong time zone, blocked card, door held open too long, door forced open, door held open under duress etc.
  • An intuitive graphical customisable map view to control the events as they occur.
  • Configuring alerts for a blink, scenario pop-up, in office employee list, camera pop-up, door open too long, door alarm, action on alerts like email notification, SMS, task assignment and open / closed door.
  • A single screen display of events, alarms, user data with photos, maps showing the location of the event and video images of the event.
  • Information on alerts with an option to take an action like sending a SMS, an email, making a call and a task creation.
  • A drag and drop interface for adding, assigning and uploading maps, cameras, devices, controllers, readers, workflows and actions.

Please peruse the success stories and making of a fully secured facility by a command and control system client at the following links:

You can replicate a command and control centre success story like the one above within your own organisation as well. Please do write to Solus and feel free to call Solus anytime for arranging a video conference call to discuss your own pain areas and the feasibility of the solutions to resolve your access control and allied pain areas.