Turnstiles Integrated with Barcode Reader

Jul 29, 2017

Turnstiles Integrated with Barcode Reader

Solus Turnstile integrated with Barcode identification and access control represents the latest generation of entrance control technology streamlining pedestrian flow into the building.
The latest model of Solus Turnstile SSTT-122 makes people access flexible and fast. The barcode reader embedded in the turnstile, scans, verifies, and if accepted, a signal is given to release the turnstile or keep the turnstile locked.

Super-Friendly Turnstiles

The device’s mechanism supports pedestrian traffic control in both traffic directions (entry/exit ) and the arms adjustable to free movement per passing direction.

Perhaps, your project needs are different

That’s fine as we have a range to accommodate that. It’s possible that your space constraints conflict with that needed for Standard Turnstiles available in the market. Solus has multiple models available for you to choose from, as defined by your needs. These come with remote access or otherwise facilitated by Semi-automatic & Fully automatic versions.

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