5 Signs You Desperately Need A Security Solution

Feb 08, 2017 | 2847 Views

Let us start by quoting the cliché, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Yes, it has been used time and again when it comes to blogs on security. But hold on a sec and think – was Desiderius Erasmus (the brain behind that quote) wrong in saying so? We don’t think so. The recent attacks happening across the world are a sign that security solutions are a necessity when it comes to the safety of a human being.

Notice any of these 5 things happening in your work premise and understand it’s time to consider some serious security solutions.
  • Unauthorised personnel enters a restricted area:
    You cannot simply mark a door with the sign ‘Authorised Personnel Only’ and take it for granted that there will never be an attempt of unauthorized entry. Humans, after all, tend to do just the opposite of what is being instructed (Psychology 101). However, installing an Optimized Biometric Terminal will ensure controlled access to that restricted area.
  • Fake documents submitted by an employee:
    A frequent practice amongst new joiners, faking details about self to get a job is a nuisance often solved by hiring Employee Background Verification Agencies – an unnecessary cost for any company. But here’s a simple solution – Aadhar Enabled Bio-metric Attendance/Access System or AEBAS. A cost-effective employee details storage and attendance system should do the trick when it comes to daily attendance.
  • Clueless Visitors:
    Yes, visitors are the key clients to a company rendering services or selling products (after all they are the potential sale conversions), but keeping track of a swarm of visitors is a common issue. A simple Visitor Management System should help you resolve this issue. Now we often come across visitors clueless of their way around an overcrowded office premise. How about a self-help kiosk?
  • Notice an unidentified car in your company parking premises:
    Did you know that an unattended parking lot is often used by outsiders to park their cars to avoid a parking ticket? Now, this could also lead to a security issue. Install a simple Parking Management System and you are sorted! It takes care of a wide variety of issues, right from identification of vehicles to parking allotments to barricading unwanted entries – and a whole lot more.
  • Unauthorised entry using a registered employee’s key-card:
    A common practice adopted for corporate espionage. This issue can be easily resolved with Video Management Integration systems. Let’s examine a scenario here. You come across an unauthorised entry wherein an employee key-card was used. Now how do you identify the culprit? This is where CCTV Network Cameras come into the picture. Retrieving the recording of the exact time at which the card was punched, from the CCTV camera above the punch-in machine shall reveal the culprit.

To sum up: The best part about technology, today, is that you need not approach different vendors to get these security systems installed. A single integrated security system shall do the trick. Want to know how? Please visit us at www.solus.co.in and the good news is that these systems and their integration are customisable as per your needs and concerns. For any sales enquiries, please contact +91 8043336666 or drop an email to sales@solus.co.in