BCAS (Bureau of Civil Aviation Security) Successfully Completes Proof of Concept for Biometric Access Control System (BACS) Implementation at Pan India Airports.

Aug 01, 2017

Biometric Access Control System (BACS) Implementation at Pan India Airports

Mr. Kumar Rajesh Chandra, New DG of BCAS , Inspecting POC of BACS with other AAI officials

New Delhi, 15th May 2016

BCAS today has successfully completed POC of the BACS to be implemented across all the airports of India managed by AAI – Airport Authority of India as well Privately Managed Major Airports at Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

“Developing A Uniform and Indigenously developed Advanced Access control System to take care of such a large scale implementation was indeed very challenging hence took almost three years of painstaking efforts from our team along with our indian solution design partners like CDAC and ECIL” Said Mr. Bharath JP, Vice President of Solus Security Systems, while BCAS Director General Mr. Kumar Rajesh Chandra was present during ocasion. All the stakeholders of the project were happy as the solution evolved is finally fully indigenous without having any dependency on a foreign party thus supporting Make in India initiative too along. They congratulated all contributors for the project on this achievement. This clears the way for speedy deployment of system at all the airports.

Key elements in Development of such a solution starts from Developing Nationwide Smart Card Platform enabled with foolproof security. Thanks to NIC & CDAC for providing SCOSTA with required changes such as SAM ( Security Access Module) to make this possible.

Second Challenge was the Development and Implementation of Central Control Application to Capture and Manages Biometric Credentials of Pan India Airport’s Direct and Indirect employees linked with existing databases like Aadhaar, ECIL (Electronic Corporation of India) Hyderabad has helped completing that in record time.

Third and Last hurdle was to have an Intelligent and efficient Biometric Field Terminal which authenticate Users on field, with display of their Photographs and details to the On Field Security Staff of CISF, Solus Security System, A Bangalore based Enterprise Access Control Company, who already has developed and deployed such terminals for UIDAI for their Passenger Verification System currently at Bengaluru and Hyderabad Airports, has successfully completed Development of Advanced Biometric Terminals which reads SCOSTA – SAM based Access control Smart ID Cards being issued to All Direct and Indirect Employees and Service provider’s staff at airport and communicates such information in real time to NIC application and Displays Images of Users with Area Authentication Information.

All agencies have seamlessly worked on the project and finally demonstrated which has been long awaited, said Senior CISF official available at the occasion. Once deployed Central BACS will be immensely useful to establish a foolproof method to deal with Identity related Security breaches at Airports. This will enhance productivity and efficacy of our Security personnels deployed at Airports.

We are very happy with this development and look forward an early implementation at the Airports.

About BCAS:

BCAS is a regulatory authority for civil aviation security in India. It is headed by an officer of the rank of Director General of Police and is designated as Commissioner of Security (Civil Aviation). Commissioner of security (CA) is the appropriate authority for implementation of Annexure 17 to Chicago convention of International civil aviation organization (ICAO). Commissioner of security (CA) is responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of the National Civil Aviation Security Programme.
Key Functions of BCAS includes:
  • Laying down Aviation Security Standards in accordance with Annex 17 to Chicago Convention of ICAO for airport operators, airlines operators, and their security agencies responsible for implementing AVSEC measures.
  • Monitoring the implementation of security rules and regulations and carrying out survey of security needs.
  • Ensure that the persons implementing security controls are appropriately trained and possess all competencies required to perform their duties.
  • Planning and coordination of Aviation security matters.
  • Conducting – Surprise/Dummy checks to test professional efficiency and alertness of security staff and Mock exercise to test efficacy of Contingency Plans and operational preparedness of the various agencies.

Kumar Rajesh Chandra – New BCAS Chief
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