iSolus’ Turnstiles - turning heads in the access control sector

To improve physical security of buildings and facilities, one of the next best options we offer are the use of turnstiles. This aids in controlling employee and visitor access within your organization. The following highlights the advantages of our turnstiles, including enhanced security, effective integration with the facility’s access control system and increased operational flexibility.

No panic
People are usually locked down when turnstiles stop working during a power outage. However, iSolus’ turnstiles have an anti-panic device built in. It causes automatic drop off and resumes normal functioning during any unpredictable eventuality. 
It can be troublesome to let in a group of people all at once through one turnstile. However, iSolus’ super turnstiles come pre-installed with LED-counting indicators. This enables a group of people to be allowed through one turnstile simultaneously. 
Caters to your infrastructure needs 
Your office space can conflict with standard turnstiles available in the market. However, iSolus has multiple models which come in various shapes and sizes - in remote access or are facilitated by semi-automatic and fully automatic versions.

Quick Features
  • Unique anti-panic device that causes auto drop-off and resumes normal functional of half-height turnstiles
  • Smart pre-installed LED-counting indicators, which helps a group of people to be allowed through all at once
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