ACS Smart Card & Reader

Smart cards and access control solutions are synonymous.  They go hand-in-hand in encapsulating all sorts of data under one roof. Imagine no logs, no bookkeeping, and no manual registration of people going in and out of your organization. It’s the database powerhouse.

Reliable and affordable multi-format readers 
As companies unify, the variation of access card systems throughout the organization can cause major difficulties for security and IT staffs. iSolus’ multi technology reader allows one reader to read credentials issued from multiple companies. It can also read multiple technologies that meet 14443A/B and 15693 standards.With flexible and configurable features, the market leader MFR 08 reader boasts intelligent design and unique operational abilities.
The variety
  • Multi Format Read / Write Reader – iSolus
  • Multi Format Read / Write Reader – iSolus – USB
  • Multi Format CSN Reader
  • Multi Format CSN Reader with Keypad
The features
  • Supports multiple technologies (Mifare, DESFire, NFC / EM/ HID Prox/ iClass)
  • Extremely compatible: Supports MAD1/ MAD 2 standard and customer MAD-setting
  • Super Flexible: Supports non-MAD format with user-defined sector numbers
  • Has three output interfaces : Wiegand (Default)/ RS 232/ ABA TK2
  • Wiegand output is selectable from 26 bits to 128 bits
  • Configurable Internal LED and buzzer
  • Configurable fields with command card
  • Keypad option – reason code entry along with RF card for secure transactions
You can save up to 40% of..
With iSolus’ hassle-free Card Management System, you save up to 40%man-hour resources, especially when you want to keep track of innumerous smart cards. You can also save a further 5% reduction in costs by using our in-built card design management.


Quick Features
  • Comes with Read-Write & Read-Only formats
  • Enables granular access control
  • One card supports multiple sectors for MAD & Non-MAD formats
  • Multi Technology Reader
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