Attendance on the move

Move over paper work

iSolus’ MFR 08 is a contactless radio frequency card reader specially designed to work with a vehicle tracking system (VTS). It reads through company issued IDs while your employees are out of the office for work purposes.  It notes the time, clocks in the location and communicates this information to the centralized server.

Did you know?
The best part is that iSolus MFR 08 vehicle tracking system is that it’s tested to withstand vehicle vibrations and mobile usage. The reader also comes with an optional keyboard. This means that you can program it for any emergency while using a combination of keys. The distress call will then be immediately be decoded by the central server.

Quick Features
  • Specially designed to work with a Vehicle Tracking System [VTS].
  • Tested to withstand vehicle vibrations and mobile usage.
  • Integrates with leading VTS.
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  • Wipro
  • CGI
  • AAI
  • ISRO
  • Biocon Pharma
  • Airtel
  • Reliance JIO