Biometric ID 15

Biometric Terminal – safety is in your fingerprint
Imagine a scenario where all your top confidential documents are leaked out just because someone easily broke into your organization. That will be solely on you. As cloud technology has spread across myriad industries, the importance of security has amplified. Security & Administration authorities demand use of biometric technologies to provide unique authentication and avoid such security breach. Security access control systems keep unauthorized people out of protected areas by curbing entry.  iSolus’ Biometric System combines the controller and reader into one compact device where you get a complete Door Access Control System. When Biometric is combined with contact less smart cards, it ensures speedy, multi-factor user authentication hence reinforces the system's overall level of security.
Why Biometric terminal is the iSolus-tion
  1. Our biometric terminal is compatible with Mifare, Prox, iClass and 7816 Smart card types, thus giving you multiple options and flexibility.
  2. Defines access guidelines on the basis of time, zone and user.
  3. iSolus guarantees an ID processing time of less than 2 seconds with every biometric terminal.
  4. Our system is easy to configure. It comes with a standard hassle-free web-browser interface for maintenance over your LAN/ internet.
  5. Blocks people from entering a controlled zone.
  6. Generates alarms on recognition of tampering or trespassing. 
  7. Our terminal plugs into your 3rd party visitor/access managed applications without ado.  Along with that, the ID 15 terminal is customized with all possible combinations of bio modules and smart card readers.
Checklist before investing in biometric terminals 
  1. Is it compatible with different types of cards? If your terminal accepts limited number of cards, it is more or less futile. These cards may be proprietary and unnecessarily more expensive. They also may not be widely available. 
  2. Is it easy to configure and maintain? Efficient services and maintenance is making sure your investment is resourceful and long term.  The tougher these are, the faster you should consider alternatives.
  3. Does it identify and verify users fast?  If it takes too long to process, you will face user dissatisfaction which defeats the very purpose of installing biometric terminals.

Quick Features
  • Compatible with Multiple Card Types
  • Guaranteed Processing in under 2 Seconds
  • Easy to configure and maintain via LAN/ Internet
  • Easily plugs into 3rd party system that you have in place
  • Choice of fingerprint technologies as Card, Finger Print, Card+Finger Print.
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