Long Range Tag Readers

iSolus long-range tag readers now in ultra-high frequency

Long range vehicle tag readershave played a very important role in traffic control and vehicle management. However, traditional systems with a low frequency can become a problem with instant and accurate detection. iSolus uses ultra-high frequency (UHF) technology in its readers, which give you the edge in identification and detection.

You would want to know
  • Our cutting edge technology is wrapped in a weather resistant enclosure, providing full protection against external conditions
  • Long range vehicle tag reader also has the ability to avoid cars theft
  • iSolus’ readers also have an in-built antenna and controller that are completely compatible with your pre-existing card
  • The tags have a lifespan of two years - which means that you have to buy new tags only once every 2 years

Quick Features
  • Delivers quality performance that lasts.
  • Flexibility in deploying display modules of all sizes
  • Provides Round-the-clock instantaneous display of vacant slots
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